Stock control & order processing

Stock control system

Stock control & order processing package

ComSols generally provide bespoke database software for our customers, written specifically for each customer and their business.

But over the years we've written plenty of stock control systems and sales/purchase order processing systems. So we've put together an off-the-shelf, modular, fully-customisable system with:

  • Stock control
    Stock records, groups, movements & historical transactions, stock taking.
  • Sales order processing
    Sales orders, credits & quotes, despatches, invoicing, update to sales ledger.
  • Purchase order processing
    Purchase orders & returns, receipts, invoice matching, update to purchase ledger.
  • Bill of materials and manufacturing control
    Multi-level bill of materials (parts lists), works orders, product costing.
  • Report generator
    Works with all the above modules to allow users to create their own reports.

This is a very cost-effective starting point where you can choose the modules you need and we can then tailor them to your needs. Some customers just use the package as-is: there are lots of built-in options to make it work for different businesses. All modules come with extensive reporting and on-screen enquiry options.

Get in touch to find if this is the best solution for you.