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Case Study 4 - ECS

Eco Control Solutions

Enquiry, quote & contract management.

Eco Cntrol Solutions (ECS) is a cutting edge company with a proactive approach to invasive weed management and Japanese knotweed removal.

ECS contacted ComSols when their in-house spreadsheet could no longer cope with running their business. We built them a bespoke management system to record enquiries as they arrive, process them through to quotes and then create contracts when the work is won.

Of course, we extracted all the data from their existing spreadsheet so there was no data entry invoved.

The system runs on their existing hardware. Their remote surveyors use a Hamachi network to connect into the main office and our system works seamlessly through that as well.

Key features:
  • Record enquiries as they arrive.
  • Notify surveyors via email about enquiries needing attention.
  • Create quotes and contracts.
  • Integrate with OptiMap to plan routes for operators travelling from job to job.
  • Create invoices and export to Sage accounts.

The Eco Sontrol Solutions website is

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