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Case Study 3 - Rocket Research

Rocket Research

Market Research Contact Management

Rocket Research recruits people to take part in market research groups. ComSols software allows them to manage their extensive database of contacts.

When they organise an event, the system allows them to narrow down potential respondents using many parameters such as age, sex, children, job, location etc. For example, they could select people from Leeds, aged 20 to 30, with 2 or more children and with the word 'Manager' in their job title. Before our software was developed for them, this would have been a time-consuming task with a spreadsheet but now takes only a few seconds. And they can quickly change the criteria and see the effect on the selection.

Once selected, the respondents can be contacted automatically by text or email and then updated if they join and participate in the group. Rocket Research works interactively with their respondents so it's very important to them that the database can be accessed and updated quickly and efficiently. The system allows them to quickly find a respondent's details and manage their activity once they become part of an event group.

We also provide software to download details of new respondents who have registered through their website. In this case, the website was created by another company but ComSols is happy to work with other suppliers to provide the best solution for our customers.

Key features:
  • Fast, efficient management of respondents
  • Flexible selection of respondents by many criteria
  • Manage groups of respondents selected for each event
  • Download on-line registrations straight into database

The Rocket Research website is

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