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Case Study 2 - Warranties 2000

Warranties 2000

Automotive Breakdown Insurance Management

Warranties 2000 provides used car warranties to the motor trade. Our software records details of policies, claims, renewals, garages and invoicing. Extensive reporting facilities allows them to analyse all areas of their business.

Traders can enter details of policies on-line and the system automatically downloads and processes them into policies on the database and generates invoices. Where required, invoices are automatically e-mailed from the system.

Claims are recorded, producing cheques for paid claims and generating data to allow management to reconcile premium income against claims payments.

This business generates large amounts of data with around half a million current and expired polices on file. We regularly review processes to ensure that their system provides the best management and reporting of this data.

Key features:
  • Efficient administration of a large number of policies, garages & claims
  • Quickly generate detailed management reports
  • Claims tracking
  • Download on-line policies from traders and produce policy records & invoices

We also provide and maintain their hardware and networking.

The Warranties 2000 website is

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